Celebrate Multicultural Ipswich – Say No to the EDL!

Celebrate Multicultural Ipswich – Say No to the EDL!

It looks like the EDL have been getting a bit cocky in Ipswich town over the last few weeks, handing out flyers full of racist hate and marching around like they own the place – they event turned up to a meeting the the Unite the Union office to hurl abuse at people recently.

A few friends of ours have decided to say enough is enough and to show that Ipswich is a town that won’t be so easily divided. Join them on Sunday 7th to show the EDL that they aren’t welcome and no one wants or likes them!

Saturday 29th: Stop the EDL marching to Woolwich

Saturday 29th: South London Anti-Fascists Callout

On Saturday 29th June, EDL leaders Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”) and Kev Carroll are planning to walk from Westminster to Woolwich for charity.

Except the charity said they didn’t want their money.
Which makes this just another cynical attempt to exploit a murder for media attention and to stir up racial hate and divide communities.

Let’s join South London Anti-Fascists to show these racists twerps they’re not welcome anywhere.

No Pasaran!