Kevin Goes to Jail

Kevin Reed showing us his Hitler salute. What a guy...

We thought we’d share the news that this charming fella, Kevin Reed (who some of you might remember from the demo in Colchester a few weeks ago) has apparently got himself locked up and banned from all the pubs in town for making a Nazi salute and for using ‘racist language’ as the local press has it.

While we might be pleased to see a racist taken off the streets for a while (and to have a laugh at his expense), we should remember not to get carried away and start congratulating the police. They are not on our side. The police routinely harass, beat and arrest anti-fascists just for trying to organise or for turning up to demonstrations – occasionally they do the same to someone from the far-right, but that doesn’t mean they have any commitment to fighting fascism. Just take Kevin’s case for a brief example – plenty of cops saw what he did on the day but chose to let him do it (it’s taken them almost a month to take any action) then chose to physically force anti-fascist members of the community out of the way to let a racist group do as they please. A few days later, they arrested 57 anti-fascists in London on the spot.

Essex Anti-Fascists will never work with the police because we know they don’t care about stopping the far-right. What they do to fascists today they could easily do to us tomorrow for fighting for a world without prejudice. They might have locked up one racist for a few weeks, but if we want to stamp out racism and fascism, we’re going to have to do it ourselves.