The English Defence League are returning to Colchester, once again using Lee Rigby’s tragic death to fuel their racist campaign, despite his family specifically asking for his death not to be exploited by such groups This is not the first time the EDL have set upon Colchester,  in previous years the fascists have “showed their respect” by Sieg-Heiling at a War Memorial.


This is not about “respect”, this is about racists exploiting any opportunity to further their sickening cause. We will not stand for this – far right groups should not be tolerated demonstrating in any place, no matter what their excuse. 

Join us on Friday 22nd May 2015 to show that we will not tolerate any degree of racism or fascism in our community. 

10AM – Colchester War Memorial – Cowdray Crescent, CO12PG

 Click here for the Facebook event

Called by Essex Anti-fascists and supported by various local groups. |


EDL demo in Colchester cancelled

Anti-Fascist Network


In case you didn’t already know via our twitter feed or Facebook, the planned EDL demo in Colchester for which Essex Anti-Fascists had been mobilising along with other groups has been called off by the EDL. This is the second time they have pulled out of a planned demo in the town.

After anti-fascists opposed their exploitative demo on the anniversary of Lee Rigby’s death, the fascists have been threatening furious vengeance on the people of Colchester who opposed them.

Their original publicity stated “it’s time to let the dogs loose” against “the fascists of the left”

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BREAKING: The EDL have cancelled their Colchester demo which was planned for Saturday 6th September. 


The EDL have announced that they will make their return to Colchester on Saturday 6th September 2014. Together with other groups, we will once again be opposing them.

We will publish our plans for the day as soon as they are finalised.

 LATEST UPDATE: We are still waiting for Colchester TUC to finalise their plans, but make sure you are in Colchester on Saturday 6th September at around midday.

But, for now, here’s click here for the Facebook event:

PLEASE TRY YOUR HARDEST TO TRAVEL IN GROUPS.  If you’re worried about travelling, email

By car: There are plenty of places to park in Colchester, follow parking signs but expect to pay.

By train: The closest train station to the town centre is Colchester Town. Colchester station is located a 10-15 minutes walk away from the centre. If you’re travelling from London, direct trains run from London Liverpool Street. 

Essex Antifascists (Part of the Anti-fascist Network) | Colchester TUC 

Stop the EDL in Colchester Town Centre – 22nd May

IMPORTANT: If you are traveling from outside of Colchester, please email

This year the EDL once again plan to descend on Colchester town centre bringing scenes reminiscent of last May’s march which saw nazi salutes on the war memorial and brutality from both police and the far-right. We call once again on locals, students and anti-fascists from far and wide to join us in Colchester on the 22nd of May to say no to the EDL.

Whether it be a march, gathering or meeting – fascists must be countered at every opportunity.

If you need further information, help with travel or for the meeting point (disclosed nearer the date) please contact us at:

Clapton F.C.

Last night a few of us made the short journey to East London to watch a game of football with the famous Clapton Ultras, and we weren’t disappointed. Great company (thanks guys, we’ll be back..) and a great score with Clapton putting in a convincing 5-0 stint in front of goal. Anti fash songs all night long and flags and stickers all over the terrace and even the home dugout. We’ll be making the journey back up this Saturday for Clapton vs Barking.Image

Clapton in the dressing room after their 5-0 win.

You can follow both the ultras on their Facebook here and their Twitter here.

The official Clapton FC Twitter feed can be found here.

Oppose the racist EVF demonstration in Croydon, Sat 27th July.

Essex will be joining anti-fascists in Croydon to oppose the ‘English Volunteer Force’. Here’s the original callout:

Oppose the Racist EVF Demonstration in Croydon – Stick up for Migrants

Sat 27th July, East Croydon – Keep the date in your diary!

On Saturday 27th July a splinter group of the EDL called the English Volunteer Force have called a demonstration outside Lunar House in Croydon, which is the main asylum seeker processing centre in the UK, where asylum seekers and migrants are obliged to come by the Home Office. The EVF are more openly and virulently racist that the EDL and will be supported by a number of other far-right splinter groups.

Their aim is to scapegoat migrants for many of the problems of society and to stoke up anti-Muslim hatred. They aim to capitalise upon anti-immigrant feeling connected with the rise of UKIP and on the recent surge in Islamophobia since the killing of Lee Rigby in Woolwich in May.

Lunar House will be operating on the day and migrants, many of whom are vulnerable people having fled torture and abuse, will have to queue outside suffering abuse from fascists.

The EVF are being opposed by a broad coalition of local residents and the local Trades Council, South London Anti-Fascists, the local Green Party, UAF, One Croydon, Croydon SolFed, the Anti-Fascist Network and others.

Say no to racism, Islamophobia and migrant scapegoating – Join us on the 27th to stand together against the hatred of the EVF and to defend people’s right to seek asylum.

The EVF have announced their demonstration for 12 noon. More information will be made available nearer the time about precise time and location of our counter mobilisation.

Celebrate Multicultural Ipswich – Say No to the EDL!

Celebrate Multicultural Ipswich – Say No to the EDL!

It looks like the EDL have been getting a bit cocky in Ipswich town over the last few weeks, handing out flyers full of racist hate and marching around like they own the place – they event turned up to a meeting the the Unite the Union office to hurl abuse at people recently.

A few friends of ours have decided to say enough is enough and to show that Ipswich is a town that won’t be so easily divided. Join them on Sunday 7th to show the EDL that they aren’t welcome and no one wants or likes them!