Clapton F.C.

Last night a few of us made the short journey to East London to watch a game of football with the famous Clapton Ultras, and we weren’t disappointed. Great company (thanks guys, we’ll be back..) and a great score with Clapton putting in a convincing 5-0 stint in front of goal. Anti fash songs all night long and flags and stickers all over the terrace and even the home dugout. We’ll be making the journey back up this Saturday for Clapton vs Barking.Image

Clapton in the dressing room after their 5-0 win.

You can follow both the ultras on their Facebook here and their Twitter here.

The official Clapton FC Twitter feed can be found here.

Oppose the racist EVF demonstration in Croydon, Sat 27th July.

Essex will be joining anti-fascists in Croydon to oppose the ‘English Volunteer Force’. Here’s the original callout:

Oppose the Racist EVF Demonstration in Croydon – Stick up for Migrants

Sat 27th July, East Croydon – Keep the date in your diary!

On Saturday 27th July a splinter group of the EDL called the English Volunteer Force have called a demonstration outside Lunar House in Croydon, which is the main asylum seeker processing centre in the UK, where asylum seekers and migrants are obliged to come by the Home Office. The EVF are more openly and virulently racist that the EDL and will be supported by a number of other far-right splinter groups.

Their aim is to scapegoat migrants for many of the problems of society and to stoke up anti-Muslim hatred. They aim to capitalise upon anti-immigrant feeling connected with the rise of UKIP and on the recent surge in Islamophobia since the killing of Lee Rigby in Woolwich in May.

Lunar House will be operating on the day and migrants, many of whom are vulnerable people having fled torture and abuse, will have to queue outside suffering abuse from fascists.

The EVF are being opposed by a broad coalition of local residents and the local Trades Council, South London Anti-Fascists, the local Green Party, UAF, One Croydon, Croydon SolFed, the Anti-Fascist Network and others.

Say no to racism, Islamophobia and migrant scapegoating – Join us on the 27th to stand together against the hatred of the EVF and to defend people’s right to seek asylum.

The EVF have announced their demonstration for 12 noon. More information will be made available nearer the time about precise time and location of our counter mobilisation.

Celebrate Multicultural Ipswich – Say No to the EDL!

Celebrate Multicultural Ipswich – Say No to the EDL!

It looks like the EDL have been getting a bit cocky in Ipswich town over the last few weeks, handing out flyers full of racist hate and marching around like they own the place – they event turned up to a meeting the the Unite the Union office to hurl abuse at people recently.

A few friends of ours have decided to say enough is enough and to show that Ipswich is a town that won’t be so easily divided. Join them on Sunday 7th to show the EDL that they aren’t welcome and no one wants or likes them!

Saturday 29th: Stop the EDL marching to Woolwich

Saturday 29th: South London Anti-Fascists Callout

On Saturday 29th June, EDL leaders Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”) and Kev Carroll are planning to walk from Westminster to Woolwich for charity.

Except the charity said they didn’t want their money.
Which makes this just another cynical attempt to exploit a murder for media attention and to stir up racial hate and divide communities.

Let’s join South London Anti-Fascists to show these racists twerps they’re not welcome anywhere.

No Pasaran!

Fascist remanded after Gloucester mosque arson attack

Anti-Fascist Network

[Reblogged from 3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance]

Following on from an arson attack on a mosque in Gloucester on Tuesday morning, two local men have been charged with conspiracy to commit arson and remanded in custody. It’s interesting to note that Clive Ceronne, one of the accused, is a known far-right activist in the local area. He was previously involved with the Gloucester English Defence League ‘division’ as well as setting up and administrating the ‘South West Infidels’ Facebook page. Ceronne is also listed as the Gloucestershire ‘officer’ for the New British Union, you can find out more about him and his fellow fascists here.

Cheltenham man charged with mosque ‘hate crime’

A CHELTENHAM man has been charged with conspiracy to commit arson following a “hate crime” at a mosque.

Ashley Henry Juggins, 20, of Brooklyn Road will appear before magistrates today following the blaze in Gloucester.



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Kevin Goes to Jail

Kevin Reed showing us his Hitler salute. What a guy...

We thought we’d share the news that this charming fella, Kevin Reed (who some of you might remember from the demo in Colchester a few weeks ago) has apparently got himself locked up and banned from all the pubs in town for making a Nazi salute and for using ‘racist language’ as the local press has it.

While we might be pleased to see a racist taken off the streets for a while (and to have a laugh at his expense), we should remember not to get carried away and start congratulating the police. They are not on our side. The police routinely harass, beat and arrest anti-fascists just for trying to organise or for turning up to demonstrations – occasionally they do the same to someone from the far-right, but that doesn’t mean they have any commitment to fighting fascism. Just take Kevin’s case for a brief example – plenty of cops saw what he did on the day but chose to let him do it (it’s taken them almost a month to take any action) then chose to physically force anti-fascist members of the community out of the way to let a racist group do as they please. A few days later, they arrested 57 anti-fascists in London on the spot.

Essex Anti-Fascists will never work with the police because we know they don’t care about stopping the far-right. What they do to fascists today they could easily do to us tomorrow for fighting for a world without prejudice. They might have locked up one racist for a few weeks, but if we want to stamp out racism and fascism, we’re going to have to do it ourselves.

WARNING: The Borough Hotel Pub


On 15th June, The Bough Hotel Pub management explicitly insisted that they were more than happy to serve and host racists. A regional EDL ‘meet and greet’ happened there that day. The manager of The Borough Hotel, Nicola, is an EDL supporter. This establishment is used and managed by fascists, it must be avoided at all costs.

We can confirm that a good number of bands who regularly play gigs at The Borough have already said they will not be returning.

Please spread the word. Say no to racist scum.



TELEPHONE NUMBER: 01702 466936

ADDRESS: 10-12 Marine Parade, SS12EJ, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom


The manager has tried to delete her links to the EDL, but fortunately, we took screenshots a long time ago.



It seems The Borough Hotel have deleted their Facebook. Locals from Southend have launched the Boycott The Borough Hotel campaign – give it a like!


The Goldmaster Allstars, a band from Southend who regulary play gigs at The Borough have issued this statement:

Due to the recent developments at the Borough Hotel concerning the venue itself allowing the EDL to hold one of their meetings there. The Goldmaster allstars feel that they can no longer be associated with the venue.

The fourth coming event on the 6th July will be moved to another venue , so don’t worry the summer skank will still be on. Watch this space for further updates. Sorry for any inconvenience people.

Full respect to them! Other bands have also said they won’t be returning.

CALLOUT: Counter the ‘EDL meeting’ in Southend, 15th June 2013


UPDATE: for the meeting point email

IMPORTANT: If you are traveling from Colchester or London, please email

On the 15th June, the English Defence League plan to hold a meeting in Southend, The Britannia Pub, SS1 2ER at 1pm. We are not willing to let this happen.

Whether it be a march, gathering or meeting – fascists must be countered at every opportunity. This is why locals are calling on anti-fascists from Essex, London and beyond to join them on the 15th June, in Southend, to say no to the EDL.