Who are we?

The far-right is on the rise again. Whether it’s using the smokescreen of Islamophobia, anti-immigration rhetoric or supporting ‘the rights of whites’ – it all boils down to plain old fashioned racism. The-far right do not have any answers, but that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous.

We can’t waste time on debating with hate filled fascists and we definitely can’t afford to ignore them. We need to stand up and protect ourselves and our communities. The only way to do that effectively is though community based grass roots organisations dedicated to keeping our streets Nazi free.

Essex Anti-Fascists want to unite people and groups across the county who are resisting the rise of fascism. We’re not here to tell people what politics or tactics to adopt or to serve party or leaders interests. We’re here to show the fascists they’re not welcome in Essex or anywhere else!

We support and organise local actions, ensure that anti-fascists are never outnumbered, join regional and national events to oppose the EDL, BNP and other racist groups, share resources and provide legal support.

Essex Anti-Fascists are non-hierarchically organised, not affiliated with any political party, will never work with the police and support a diversity of tactics. 

No fascists in Essex, they shall not pass!


We are part of the Anti-Fascist Network, a network of independent and grassroots groups working together against the rise of racism and fascism in our communities.

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