Colchester welcomes refugees, say no to the EDL on 22nd May


colchester refugee welcome

The racist English Defence League (EDL) are returning to Colchester on May 22nd, once again using Lee Rigby’s tragic death to fuel their racist campaign, despite his family specifically asking for his death not to be exploited by such groups.

We’re working with and supporting local groups to organise a counter-demo, which the details of will be announced soon. The Facebook event is here

This is not the first time the EDL have set upon Colchester,  in previous years the EDL “showed their respect” by Sieg-Heiling at a War MemorialOn their last visit, the EDL bused racists in from all over the country, only to be heckled and jeered by locals as the police marched them into the Castle Park and locked the gates. 

The EDL visit Colchester once or twice a year, bringing hate and the desire to divide. In the interim, the people of Colchester have come together to build a thriving pro-refugee, anti-racist movement. Here are some highlights: 



That’s just a few highlights of what has been happening. Colchester has a proud history of supporting refugees and has strongly rejected the divisive politics of the EDL, and will once again. Join us and other groups on Sunday 22nd May. 


If you like what we do, get involved.

If you would like to get involved with refugee support in Colchester, these groups have been doing great solidarity work:


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