The English Defence League are returning to Colchester, once again using Lee Rigby’s tragic death to fuel their racist campaign, despite his family specifically asking for his death not to be exploited by such groups This is not the first time the EDL have set upon Colchester,  in previous years the fascists have “showed their respect” by Sieg-Heiling at a War Memorial.


This is not about “respect”, this is about racists exploiting any opportunity to further their sickening cause. We will not stand for this – far right groups should not be tolerated demonstrating in any place, no matter what their excuse. 

Join us on Friday 22nd May 2015 to show that we will not tolerate any degree of racism or fascism in our community. 

10AM – Colchester War Memorial – Cowdray Crescent, CO12PG

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Called by Essex Anti-fascists and supported by various local groups. |